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Example Projects

There are 5 ongoing research projects​

1. Healthcare: Our NewAge Digi-Care Digital Products are designed to guide senior adults and their families through the process of finding the right healthcare option with personalized health-respite care management.

2. Energy: Ad-Pow-Gen – Development of an advanced high-efficient low-cost power-generation with minimum carbon emission from hybrid-fuel supplies.

3. developing a general model to design an optimal hybrid system with combination of renewable energy resources, ensuring the reliability of power supply. Solar PV/Wind/ Biogas/Micro-gas turbine, Hydrogen and converter are considered for the hybrid system. A several case studies will be conducted including Fatih university with other potential end-users of renewable energy. The main task is to identify the suitable component size and operation strategy for the designed system which will lead to a validated design and a well-defined efficient and effective framework of optimal modular hybrid energy systems.

4. Studying the social and end-users acceptance of the renewable energy technologies and potential non-technical barriers to their use will be identified and analyzed  methods to overcome the lack of social acceptance will be developed.

5. Developing and demonstrating interoperable energy efficiency automation, control and monitoring tools for efficient heating, domestic hot water, ventilation, cooling, lighting, shading, storage, energy generation, and other building systems while ensuring a high quality indoor environment. This includes the investigation of demand response, energy efficiency management and involvement of individual customers as well.

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